Why do I want to wax my body?

Can you imagine a look of surprise without eyebrows? Eyebrows are the balance of your face; the windows of your eyes. Well manicured eyebrows can open your eyes, lift your face, and add personality.

Waxing Vs. Shaving

Waxing and shaving both temporarily remove hair. Shaving involves cutting the hair at the surface, which can cause irritation, bumps, and prickly hair. Alternatively, waxing softens the hair as it grows in. The waxing process doesn’t just remove the hair at the surface, but removes the hair by the bulb making the hair removal last longer. Waxing can remove hair for up to 4 weeks! In addition, waxing is easy, affordable, and can take years off your appearance.

Waxing Services

The need for hair removal can be caused by hormones, age, or genes. At Image Directions we provide a full palette of waxing services including:

Our Wax

Image Directions uses only the best wax. Satin Smooth wax is the number one wax on the market. It is a customizable wax – meaning each wax is designed with different skin sensitivities and hair types in mind. Satin Smooth wax is customized for you personally, making it gentle on your skin and a more comfortable waxing experience.

Enjoy a waxing service at Image Directions today, and see what a fabulous difference it can make!